Dentist clinic

Dentist clinic I was asked to do branding for a dentist clinic with the main focus on orientation systems. The building was created by connecting three buildings that were differently constructed and for patients became quite challenging to orientate. I had to design a navigation system that would be clear for anyone. The best way […]

Ovocný Světozor

Rebrand of Ovocný světozor (Fruity Worldview) Afruity worldview makes us slobber, and adds kilos to our weight for quite a few years. It existed under different names but today’s name is used since 1992. There were not many changes to design since then and it is visible. That can dissuade new customers. So we thought […]

Pivní 5Boj

Pivní 5Boj Pivní 5Boj (Beer pentathlon) is a social and cultural event dedicated to beer, its history, and sport. That means it is not like any other „Beerfest“ and it is enriched with fun competitions. Sponsors wanted the visuals to be really playful and fun so we decided to advertise the event with a mascot called Mr. […]


ADNS ​​​​​​​ADNS is an architectonic studio based in Prague. Their focus is primarily on designing complex technical and architectonic projects. The logo is line house in isometric perspective. Lines represent technical drawing and isometric is one type of perspectives used in technical drawings. The main visual and playful element in this identity are building blocks which can be used to create and represent any building, project or thought. But even though the identity is playful, I wanted to maintain a professional and serious look of the studio that is why the only combination of colours is black and white.